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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news a mass car at an historic church in charleston south carolina. nine team killed. the gunman has just been identified as 21-year-old dylan roof of charleston. the massacre happened at emanuel a.m.e. church. a young white man believed to be dylann roof joined a prayer meeting and stayed for an hour before the suspect open fire. the gunman killed nine people.
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police released surveillance photos showing the suspect in a dark-colored sedan. the justice department says federal officials are opening a hate crime investigation into the mass car. nbc10 national correspondent dave wagner is live in charleston. what have you learned about this? >> reporter: morning has brought grim reality that something terrible has happened in charleston. the church behind me is surrounded in crime scene tape. police intensified their sumpb for the suspect. the hunt for the suspected gunman is on. >> this is a very dangerous individual. he should not be approached. >> reporter: police say 21-year-old dylann roof seen on surveillance video opening the church open fire on a bible study meeting inside wednesday night.
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this is unfathomable and unspeakable act by somebody filled with hate and with a deranged mind. >> reporter: the suspect more than an hour attending bible study before opening fire on the group. officials believe it was a targeted attack. >> in this case there's no doubt in my mind it's a hate crime. >> reporter: eight people were killed at the scene, one victim later died at a nearby hospital. >> no signs at all. >> reporter: among those killed the famed church's pastor who was a south carolina state senator. >> he was a great senator but he took more pride in being a pastor of a congregation who relied on him for spiritual guidance. >> reporter: it's the oldest a.m.e. church in the south, dating back to 1816. a community now relying on
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nearly 200 years of strength to get through this dark and unimaginable chapter. >> reporter: you know it is a typically difficult time for those family members who have not heard from their loved ones who were at church last night. the crime scene is still being processed and the investigates have not released the names of the victims. that's the latest from south carolina, dave wagner nbc news. reverend al sharpton is expected to hold a news conference at any moment to talk about the church massacre. he says he work closely with reverend pinkneyckne. he released this statement. i am shocked and outraged about the killing of nine innocent people at emanuel a.m.e. church.
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what has our society come to when people in a prayer meeting can be shot. he went on to say, demagoguera, increasing tension and talk of violence will only make it worse when we face. a personal frequent of the pastor and senator killed during last night's shooting. nbc10's monique braxton is live at the church in society hill. mow i understand senator pinckney was a well-known pastor. >> reporter: that is right. mother bethel is one of the first a.m.e. churches in the country. >> reverend was an outstanding state senator. he served in the house in south carolina first. was a rising star in the democratic party. he was only in his early 40s, so there's no telling where he could have gone. as a pastor he was diligent.
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>> reporter: he speaks fondly of his deceased friend and fellow ame pastor pinckney one of nine who died when a gunman open fire during wednesday night bible study and prayer. >> wednesday night traditionally in the african-american community is prayer service at so many different faiths not just the a.m.e. faith. the thought someone would walk in and open fire. >> listen these days we live in now. >> reporter: they report 3.5% of hate crimes occurred in churches synagogues temples and mosques in 2013. reverend tyler also has a heavy heart because most of his senior members are from charleston, south carolina. some are also pinckneys, a common southern name. he was part of a documentary that tells the history of emanuel, the oldest a.m.e.
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church in the south. once the nerve center for the civil rights movement. whether the gunman knew that or not is not sure but tyler says it's motivated him to re-evaluate its church's upgraded security system. >> we've already done upgrades so we feel confident in that. we have a protocol in accessing the building. >> reporter: he also tells es he plans to leads a service here in the sanctuary tonight at 7:00. he'll also travel to south carolina to attend his friend's funeral at 11:30. the words of inspiration to the family from reverend tyler. live now in society hill monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> thank you, monique. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of the church massacre. we'll have updates throughout the day and you can check the "nbc10 news" app for the latest information.
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cloudy and cool today. definitely a break from the hot weather we've been used to. here's a live look at boathouse row. so cloudy you can almost make out that picture. first meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with us. talk about a change of pace. >> that's right. we were 90 degrees, a couple above, and now we're struggling to get into the 70s. these pictures showed raindrops all over them and now we're seeing less and less of that. the phillies playing this afternoon and they should be able get the game in. you can see the steadier rain we had this morning is moving out. there's still more moisture out to the west that could be affecting us tonight. as you can see, farther to the west there is no rain but there's plenty of cloud cover until you get to say, extreme southern delaware, there's a little bit of break in maryland. so, if some of those breaks come
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across the temperatures could obviously get up a little higher. the clouds will suppress any kind of showers developing for at least several hours. so the futurecast we go through 2:00 3:00 4:00 don't show anything on it. as we get into this evening, especially if sunshine breaks out to our west we may be seeing showers and thunderstorms develop especially toward the poconos, lehigh valley berks county, by 8:00 9:00 tonight, coming down toward the philadelphia area. these temperatures, only 6 degrees in philadelphia allentown, reading, northeast phil y wilmington and even cooler weather in some parts of nj until. it's an exceptional cool day for this time of year. clouds still around at noon with the last of the sprinkles moving out. kind of cloudy skies for much of the afternoon.
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a little bit of sunshine pushes temperatures up into the mid-70s. it will get warmer and we also have to deal with the remnants of bill the tropical storm that could impact our weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. a fire rips through a seafood market in delaware county this morning. nbc10 was on the scene in hook road and sharon hill. the fire was reported after 5 a.m. cruise brought it under control in just under an hour. no reports of anyone hurt here and investigators are looking for that cause. a crash involving six cars on i-95 in chester sent several people to the hospital overnight. one person is in critical condition. the pileup happened around 11:30 last night near ninth street. we see a tire from the crash flew into the southbound lanes and struck a car. we can report, though, that driver wasn't hurt. a philadelphia mother is pleading for help to find the person who murdered her daughter. this was the breaking news we brought you yesterday morning at 11:00 for the first time. the body of brittany green was
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found inside a home on warnock street in logan yesterday morning. the mother of three was stabbed to death. investigators are looking for her boyfriend, durrell hall. detectives say he was last seen leaving the house with green's children. >> i'm begging, y'all, please help me find my daughter's killer. please. >> detectives say hall took the children to his mother's house where he confessed to that crime and then took off. they say it was hall's mother who called police about brittany green's murder. this morning police are trying to find a man who sexually attacked a woman at the bus stop at 65th and dicks streets in southwest philly. they say a stranger pulled her into the driveway and sexually assaulted her. he got away with the victim's cash i.d. and debit card. the information we have in the murder of a woman allegedly committed by the woman's
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boyfriend in the military. the d.a. will not seek the death penalty against caleb barnes. both suspects were arraigned yesterday separately with the teen charged as an adult. the victim was stabbed to death in the driveway of her home near allentown in march. right now police are searching for suspect who forced a man to drive around north philadelphia before forcing him to make a withdrawal at an atm. he approached him last week. police will hoping this video will lead to an arrest. we'll head to washington, d.c. where a news conference involving attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director james comey and health and human services secretary sylvia burwell is under well.
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let's listen to loretta lynch. >> the individual who committed these acts will be found and will face justice. as we move forward in this matter, my thoughts and prayers and those of our entire law enforcement community here at the department of justice and around the country are with the families and loved ones of the victims in charleston. even as we struggle to comprehend this heart-breaking event, i want everyone in charleston and everyone who has been affected by this strategy to know that we will do everything in our power to help heal this community and make it whole again. i encourage the people of charleston south carolina and the wider area to continue circulating the photos of the alleged perpetrator and report any tip, no matter how small, no matter how minor, to the tip line, which can be reached at 1-800-call-fbi. thank you. today,my joined by secretary sylvia burwell from --
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>> you're listening to live to loretta live talking in washington, d.c. about the charleston church massacre where nine people were killed. we'll be talking more about that breaking news as the newscast at 11:00 a.m. continues on nbc10. for more information tune into or download the "nbc10 news" app. calling for climate change and cultural revolution. up next, the release of a much-anticipated environmental manifesto by pope francis. all eyes of the nation's highest court this morning. we expect the supreme court to make big decisions on several key issues. and we're in for some more wet weather. as i'm tracking the remnants of bill and it's affect on our weekend. that's just ahead.
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rule on several high-profiled cases today. they could vote on subsidies for affordable care act and also same-sex marriage nationwide. they still have 17 decisions to hand down this term. to strong words by pope francis when it comes to climate change. now he's calling for a cultural revolution. nbc national correspondent tracie potts is following the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: in a strongly worded statement this morning, pope francis says the earth is becoming, quote, an intense pile
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of filth and many are in denial and there's very solid evidence that global warming is manmade. >> pope francis talks about sustained development. he doesn't want to give recipes. it's not up to him. but he says the political leaders must care about these issues. >> reporter: he chides big countries like the u.s. for a weak response, saying businesses are more concerned with maximizing profits than how harmful dangerous emissions are challenging the poor. >> to think more about their lifestyle ofs consumption. >> reporter: the pope's statement is already drawing reaction from the dali lambmy who -- dalai lama. >> i respect the pope he's an incredible leader but i think it's better to solve this problem in the political realm. >> reporter: four candidates and two potential candidates are catholic. >> this is probably not the last
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time we'll hear from the pope on climate change. he wants to be part of the united nations summit hartlater this year. tracie potts "nbc10 news." charles chaput released a statement saying he called it a deep and complex appeal to conscience. it argues forcefully for the priority of the common good the dignity of the marginalized and the beauty of god's creation. as philadelphiaens prepare for the world meeting of families this fall pope francis reminds us the family is a school of love and responsibility the seed of a culture of life that includes the dignity of the earth and needs of all its people. we're getting set for the pope's visit to philadelphia world meeting of families will be the final week of september, starting on the 22nd. pope francis will arrive in philadelphia the weekend of september 26th.
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count on nbc10 to bring you the latest information the impact these big events will have on you and the region. get it on your smartphone or tablet with the "nbc10 news" app. nbc10's chris cato will be going to the vatican. see chris's first report from the vatican sunday as local leaders find out more about the pope's visit to our area. we're going to head back to washington, d.c. for a live look at the podium. in 25 minutes president obama is expected to make a statement about last night's church massacre in charleston. we'll bring you that statement as soon as it happens. a lot of people were tired of the heat. wanted a cool break. well you got it. certainly today, the clouds hanging around, helping to keep that temperature down. we could see some thunderstorms returning as early as this
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evening, but the big precipitation issue is going to be over the weekend as related to the remnants of bill. the low clouds are around but not quite as low and thick as they were earlier. we're not seeing the raindrops on the cameras as much but we still have a little drizzle in parts of the area. that's what's being reported in philadelphia now. 66 degrees. the winds out of the east. 14 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. remember we were into the 90s with high humidity. then 86 yesterday. only 75 today, but with sunshine tomorrow, we should push temperatures way back up into the upper 80s. the average is now 84. we're pretty uniform in the 60s. across much of the area a little bit more sunshine in southern delaware allowing temperatures to go into the 70s. now, some parts of that area will go maybe to 80 or above today. the ocean temperature up to 69
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degrees. this is the area of the steady rain continuing to move out, but there are drizzle drops that linger. it will take a little while for that to be breaking up. not much in the way of sunshine until you get way back near baltimore or harrisburg. even there it's just a little bit of sunshine. the lack of sunshine will help prevent showers and storms from developing during much of the afternoon. some of the activities developing in our west may start to move in by later this evening. different computer models show it in different ways but the main threat looks to be up to the north and west. now, tomorrow we may start off with some fog. there could be a shower during the day, as you see. but then improving conditions as we go through the afternoon. then on saturday at least we start off the weekend dry. but this is going to change things. you can see the remnants of bill very clearly in oklahoma.
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some places have had over a foot of rain out of this. there is plenty of moisture on the south and east side of the track. if the track, let's say comes to the north of us near the new york border, we're going to be on that wetter warmer side. here's what happens saturday. gerngs a few showers during the day. we can't even promise you saturday's going to be dry. saturday night, look what happens here. this is the latest computer model. this is just in. sunday morning, that's a pretty heavy rain for the beginning of father's day. the computer models of course the track is going to be very critical here. and they're still varied as whether it's going to track north of us or south. it's certainly going to track close enough to impact our weather. it's saturday night and sunday for the most part.
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cloudy and cool with patchy light rain or drizzle. temperatures getting into the mid-70s. during the night tonight, we have a chance of some thunderstorms during the evening hours and fog toward day break. the seven-day forecast much warmer tomorrow. it's a little sunshine. partly cloudy saturday. most showers saturday night into sunday. especially sunday morning. millions of americans suffer from it. now the newly released research that could result in new medicines for migraine sufferers. it's the first major development in decades. later, a restaurant that put super size into our vocabulary is slimming down.
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new this morning, a new class of drugs to prevent and treat migraines is showing progress. they say the new drugs could help cut elevated levels of amino acids that trigger migraine pain. they say studies are needed. we continue to follow breaking news from historic charleston south carolina. the brand new information is that gunman 21-year-old dylann roof has been caught. he is in police custody. "nbc10 news" has just confirmed. we're gathering new information about him. a news conference is about to begin shortly about this. we're awaiting a statement from
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president obama as well about the incident as being investigated right now as a hate crime. brand new information is that accused south carolina church shooter dylann roof is in police custody. we'll have much more on this. get ready for a money-makeover. the changing face of the $10 bill.
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this is an nbc news special report. this is an nbc news special report. >> welcome to this nbc news report. we are following breaking news out of charleston south carolina. we are hearing police has caught a suspect in that church massacre. let's go right to nbc's craig melvin. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we can tell you a few minutes ago the 21-year-old suspect dylann roof was taken into custody in shelby north carolina. that is a roughly four-hour drive from where we are here in charleston. at this point we don't have a lot of details. we do not know whether was any
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short of shootout but we can tell you he was in reasonably good continue when he was taken into custody, according to law enforcement sources here in south carolina. again, dylann roof taken into custody. again, all of this happening, of course, some 14 15 hours after that tragic shooting here at a downtown church in charleston south carolina where officials say roof sat in a prayer service for roughly an hour. at the end of the service he open fire killing nine six women, three men. among the dead a state senator clementa pinckney. again, roof is in custody. at this point we do not know where he will be taken. we can tell you that in about ten minutes we're expecting another briefing from officials here in charleston where we expect -- where we expect to learn more details about precisely how he was taken into custody and what comes next. >> craig, i can only imagine the anxiety the community has been
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feeling. certainly, they've wanted this guy caught. >> reporter: keep in mind this is the same community two weeks ago reeling from that officer-involved shooting the walker scott case. that case happening literally three miles from here in north charleston. charleston south carolina has been dealing with a lot. we can tell you a little more about this church emanuel church here in charleston. it is not just historic but symbolic for a number of reasons. this is a church that was burned down some years ago by slave owners here in charleston. more than 150 years ago. it was rebuilt then in the '50s '60s '70s it was a planning site of sorts. lots of civil rights marches and rallies that happened here in charleston and south carolina the northeast a lot of rallies were planned at the church behind me. the same church that was rocked
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by tragedy last night around 9:00. >> the breaking news that dylann roof has been arrested. thank you very much. we are expecting to hear from the president in the next half hour. we'll be back on the air when that happens. for now, this has been an nbc news special report. we'll have much more on "nbc nightly news" tonight and much more throughout the day on we've been talking about the bethel a.m.e. in society hill section, a friend of reverend pinckney, the pastor who was killed in last night's shooting. monique braxton is live at the church in society hill. >> reporter: there are about 80 a.m.e. churches in the philadelphia area. so many ministers we spoke to today knew senator/reverend pinckney. the south carolina state senator was one of nine killed when a gunman open fire during last
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night's bible study and prayer at emanuel a.m.e. church. he was also part of a documentary project that tells the history of emanuel, the oldest a.m.e. church in the south, once a nerve center for the civil rights movement. whether or not the aalleged gunman bhofs caught knew that isn't known but tyler plans to go to south carolina for his friend's funeral. >> he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. your words of inspiration to them? >> well, i mean right now, up i'm just praying they can make it through these next few days. this is the hardest time. and then also that friends will surround them. >> reporter: tyler says the massacre, authorities are calling a hate crime, has motivated him to re-evaluate his own church's upgraded security system. it was installed after a recent burglary that tyler plans to host service here in the sanctuary tonight at 7:00. no doubt we'll have that for you.
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live for now in society hill monique braxton, "nbc10 news." stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of the church massacre. in fact, president obama is expected to make a statement shortly, in the next few minutes. we'll make sure we bring that to you live. we'll have updates throughout the day. you can also check the "nbc10 news" app for the latest information. checking out our top stories happening right now investigators look into what caused a fire at a seafood market in delaware county. crews brought it under control in about an hour. there are no reports of anyone hurt. one person is in critical condition after a crash involving six cars along i-95 in chester overnight. police say a tire overnight flew into the southbound lane and struck a car. we can report that driver wasn't hurt.
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nbc10 first alert cheert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. >> yeah keith, it's a gloomy looking day out there. we did have a good bit of rain. this live view of cape may, it's still cloudy, but we're not seeing the rain drops on the cameras like we were an hour or so ago. in general we're seeing some improvement here. it's still pretty moist. there's more moisture back to the west. there isn't going to be a whole lot of sunshine this afternoon. a little bit of drizzle left over. some drops too small for radar to detect so it is definitely a cloudy day. there are some peeks of sunshine in areas around harrisburg and washington, d.c. parts of southern delaware. it's not the entire area that's going to be totally overcast all day, but a lot of clouds around.
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that will help suppress any showers or thunderstorms from developing. eventually some of the stuff in western pennsylvania will be moving closer and closer. it's going to take a while, probably until this weekend, before significant moisture moves in. we have a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight. you can see what would be thunderstorms up in the pocono region and also lehigh valley berks county. that's 9:00 tonight on the computer model and taking until about 10:00 or 11:00 to come down to the philadelphia area. there's some pretty heavy rain associated with this. that's something we have to be watching tonight. temperatures are in the 60s. most of the area little peeks of sunshine pushing georgetown delaware, to 75 degrees. gives you an idea of how quickly it can warm up when the sun warms us up. getting into the mid-70s today.
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it will heat up again. some storms will be come again and some rain from tropical storm tropical storm bill. the timing on that in the seven-day in a few minutes. the faa is investigating a near-miss at chicago's midway airport. it happened tuesday night. listen. >> stop! stop! >> delta 828 -- >> that was an air traffic controller screaming at a delta plane that was on collision course with a southwest plane. both pilots thought they were cleared for takeoff on intersecting runways. the flights are similar flight number and it's believed one of the pilots misheard directions. the plane stopped 2,000 feet short of a crash. a spokesman for the tibilisi zoo says a tiger and lion are still missing after the flood. it's unclear if they're missing free or drowned in floodwaters.
11:39 am
yesterday authorities killed one of the escaped tigers. that tiger killed a man and injured another. georgia's prime minister is urging people to be careful until the missing animals are located. in daytona beach, florida, a 10-year-old boy is recovering from what authorities believe was a shark attack. the boy was swimming in waist-deep water yesterday when he was bitten on the calf. medics on the beach treated the boy for minor cuts. two other children lost arms in separate shark attacks in north carolina on sunday. alexander hamilton is losing his spot in your wallet. a woman will be the new face of the $10 bill. the new bills will be printed started in 2020. that's the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote. the women to be featured on the money hasn't been selected yet. the treasury department is launching a campaign to get public input. now get ready for some more wet weather. i'll let you know how the remnants of bill could affect your weekend plans. that's just ahead.
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we head to charlotte, south carolina, where police news conference is under way. >> if it had not been for the cooperation, the unparalleled cooperation of all the different agencies that were involved in this investigation, i cannot say how thankful i am and how
11:43 am
appreciative i am of all the people who came together during a very tragic situation, a horrific situation and one that has touched the heart and soul of every person who lives in this community. they have come together. some have worked tirelessly running down leads. some have been working with agencies in various states. the cooperation we received from the federal government with all the resources and state government has been unparalleled. i just want to make sure that i publicly thank all of my colleagues for the resources they brought and also the men and women of the charleston police department as well as the charleston county sheriff's department who played vital roles in this particular investigation. there's a lot to do in this case. we've got a lot more investigation to do to find out why this happened. we've got a lot to do in terms of preparing this case for pros
11:44 am
kugs, but i can tell you the sew lister's office as well as united states attorney's office has been in constant contact with us all day, throughout the night, and they are prepared to partner with us moving forward in the prosecution stage. again, i want to thank you for your vigilance, being here. i know we've had you here several times and you've helped us get information out. again, it's a partnership, working with you, working with law enforcement, working with the community, and i want to thank these gentlemen on my right for their cooperation and their assistance during this investigation. i know the elder came out and said that we're together. we're galvanized working together. that's what this has been throughout the night. i am so pleased we were able to resolve this case quickly. not only for our families, our community and the state, so that
11:45 am
nobody else is harmed by this individual, who obviously committed the tragic heinous crime last night in the city of charleston. mayor? >> first of all, i want to publicly commend chief mullin. the men and women in our police department, we understand public safety is the first responsibility of government. we invest substantially in the resources and the quality of the men and women who work for our police department. without chief mullen there is not a better led police department in our country. as chief mullen said we've had extraordinary cooperation from other law enforcement professionals. when you have a chance to work on a difficult matter and see
11:46 am
the skills and the commitment of people who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement, it is so inspirational. because of all that work this very important news today is announced that that awful person, that terrible human being who would go into a place of worship when people were praying and kill them, is now in custody. where he will always remain. it's important for everyone wounded by this act, which the church members, the community members and the people of
11:47 am
america are in this this great country we hold sacred the places where people come and practice their faiths. in safety and in peace. so the arrest of this awful man is an important part for all of us in this community and our country to begin the necessary process of our healing together. governor haley is here. she'll speak in a minute. i want to thank the governor for coming down to charleston and the support we've had from state law enforcement division from the other addition as i mentioned, other law enforcement agencies and the fbi and the atf, the county has been extraordinary. thank you, governor haley, for your presence and interest and
11:48 am
support. i also want to announce i received a personal call from vice president biden. he knew reverend pinckney and was familiar with the emanuel a.m.e. church and morris brown, where we'll be in a few minutes, and he himself, we all know has had a tragically sad time and we express heartfelt grief and support. then i seefdreceived a call from president obama personally that conveyed his sympathy and for the citizens of america to let us know they were with us and his offer to make any federal resources available. i told the president that the fbi and the atf and the federal resources and the justice department have been extraordinary. a part of this healing process,
11:49 am
we all need to help. so we have created the mother emanuel help fund started with a $5,000 contribution from the city of charleston. and the mother emanuel hope fund with be a vehicle for citizens in our community and around the country that want to do something to help to contribute to that fund. obviously, the wounds of the church and all those people killed and all those expenses all the loss of families we have this opportunity to help them. when we help them we also help their hearts because we all know when we're grieving all that sign of love and support is a very important part of renourish renourishing our soul and the souls who are injured. people can drop checks off at wells fargo.
11:50 am
also you can mail checks to box 304, charleston. we'll get this out. so we have a way we all can help right away. not 4 hours even after this event that the citizens in our community and our country can help and positively respond. and then tomorrow evening we'll announce the time. there will be a community prayer vigil at the charleston college arena, which is not but a block and a half from mother emanuel, so we'll have a chance to come together in prayer and to mourn the losses and to come together as a community. the time of that event tomorrow evening will be announced soon. we'll be getting that out into the media and i thank everyone
11:51 am
who is here. as chief mullen said with the media, we're able to arrest this awful person in shelby in north carolina because we got the word out. and as a good sign -- a wonderful sign that in america, you know we don't let bad people like this get away with this disasteredly deed. governor? >> thank you, mr. mayor. i want to certainly thank the mayor for his -- he's always had great leadership but during times of struggle he steps up even more, continues to make charleston proud. i continue to appreciate your friendship and your partnership. i want to personally thank bishop norris with the a.m.e. family. i spoke with him this morning. he's in recovery but very much in prayer and leadership and asked we all come together for prayer vigil today at noon. you know we woke up today --
11:52 am
and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. so we have some grieving. we have some pain we have to go through. parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe and that's not something we ever thought we'd deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful state. we love our state. we love our country. most importantly we love each other. i will tell you there's a lot of prayer in this state. you are going to see all of us lift these nine families up in prayer because they need us. these nine families need us. the emanuel a.m.e. church needs us. the a.m.e. church family needs us. and the people of south carolina need us to come together and be
11:53 am
strong for what has happened. i want you to know the outpouring of emotion from across this country has been overwhelming. from presidential candidates to citizens who just traveled through the state, to any person in any walk of life. every single person has had to put their feet in the shoes of one of those nine families today. and they all know what that felt like. so with that, where do we go from here? we allow ourselves to grieve. we allow ourselves to pray. we allow ourselves to question why this happened and then allow ourselves to heal. so, the healing process will start. we are so thankful to chief mullen and his team and law enforcement, with fbi, with everybody that came together. that refused to allow this to happen. i've never seen when we were
11:54 am
going through the command center such compassion and personal willingness to make sure they brought this person home. we can now tell our children that person is in custody and we can now not only lift up our law enforcement community who hasn't slept since this happened but thank them and give them the credit they deserve and the courage they deserve. i want to remind everybody, south carolina has stepped up today in a way that continues to make me proud. we are seeing love. we're seeing prayers. we're seeing support. we're seeing humility. for that i want to tell you that i'm thankful. we will continue to be on standby for all of the people all of the leaders you see behind us are willing to do anything and everything for the families in need and for the church in need. for that i will tell you it is a very very sad day in south carolina but it is a day we will get through. it is a day we will remember and
11:55 am
a day that will allow us to get stronger. thank you. >> we'll take a few questions starting from the right. [ inaudible ] >> you're looking live as police and federal agents as well as the mayor and governor in charleston south carolina talk live about the investigation of that intense search for 21-year-old dylann roof by the way, who has been caught up north in shelby north carolina. the mayor called him a horrible human being. the governor emotionally said the heart and soul of that area is broken. there's also the mother emanuel hope fund that's been created. that's what you're looking at live from charleston north carolina. let's talk about the weather. a change of pace back in our area. we're used to such hot weather. now it's got much colder. it's gotten cooler cloudy. >> just a couple days ago it was feeling like it was 96 degrees. now we're in the 60s.
11:56 am
at noontime you can see the sky behind us -- >> you can't. >> well you can see the sky and some of the buildings. the clouds are low. we're still seeing a little drizzle around. it will take a while to dry out today. we're not really going to clear out. if we get a touch of sunshine we get into the mid-70s. if we don't, it won't even get that warm. tomorrow sunshine a different wind direction, 88 degrees. we watch for the remnants of tropical storm bill which believe it or not, is still a tropical depression in oklahoma. some of that rain thunderstorms will be affecting our area. it looks like saturday night and into sunday. that's a pretty significant thing. there's a lot of moisture when dealing with a tropical system here. we can get downpours. you can also potentially have thunderstorms on sunday. that's something to watch all weekend. >> one note here. we're awaiting an nbc news special report with a statement
11:57 am
from president obama. we'll bring that to you live as soon as that happens. thank you for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm keith jones, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us at nbc10, have a great day.
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